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The Midland Theatre

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The Midland Theatre is the most popular venue for stage performances in Newark. From orchestras to bands of different genres, ballet performances and stage plays, and other well-known performers, The Midland Theatre is the place to visit.

A Brief History of the Midland Theatre

The Midland Theatre was first opened to the public on December 20, 1928. The very first show presented in the theatre was a “colored art film showing the American Indian and many scenic spots in the West”. Over five decades later, the Midland Theatre rose to much fame because it is one of the places to watch famous Hollywood movies such as “Gone with the wind”, “Ben Hur”, and “Dr. Zhivago”. Aside from the amusing performances, the theatre is also well-known for its architecture and interior glamour. By the time it opened, many spectators were amazed by the unique Spanish architecture, marble pillars, the red velvet carpeting, and the plush upholstered chairs. People from around the area counted on this theatre for fun, entertainment, and leisure during those times. That was when it was considered the Golden Age of the Midland Theatre.

In 1978, a misfortune hit the theatre during the “Blizzard of ‘78” when the boilers froze and cracked which resulted in its closure. For 14 years, the Midland theatre remained closed and the once glamorous place has started dilapidating

Fortunately, in 1992, The Longaberger Company and Dave Longaberger purchased the ruined Midland theatre and started its renovation. They spent about $8.5 million and the renovation took about 8 years to finish. They did not use the theatre for profit but instead entrusted the property to The Newark Midland Theatre Association, a local volunteer, non-profit organization.

Since then, the Midland Theatre housed the entertainment performances in Newark once more up until today. They offer programming for all sorts of ages, interests, and special occasions.

Programs and Events

To know more about the upcoming performances in the Midland Theatre, you can visit view the schedules at their website at

You can also contact them through their website or their contact number 740.345.5483 for ticket pricing and reservation.

Why should you visit the Midland Theatre

If you are in Newark, be sure to check out the latest performances in the area and you will definitely enjoy it. However, the Midland Theatre is not only a place for stage performances, it is also a historical entertainment venue with a great architectural design that will fascinate the eyes of the visitors. Both exterior and interior are greatly preserved and well-maintained. The splendid vaulted ceiling and the nice touch of vintage façade will surely captivate your eyes. 

How to get there?

Address: 36 N Park Pl, Newark, OH 43055

9 min (3.9 miles)

Head west on E Church St toward N 3rd St then Turn left onto N 5th St. Turn right onto W Main St and left onto Tamarack Road. Turn right then left a few feet and you should be able to reach your destination on the right side.



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