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What Happens if an Auto Accident is Your Fault?

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A car crash experience is devastating and traumatic enough for the people involved. The body pains, mental strain, and overall trouble could press someone badly and cause them to panic. But, what happens if it was you who hit a car? What happens if you were the one at fault? Regardless if it was only a small car crash or a major accident, the burden of stress for the one at fault is heavier than that of the others involved.

You may think that lawyers only help the victims of the accident but this is not true. There are many things an attorney can do to help you even if you believe you have caused an accident. 

How to determine who is at fault in an accident?

Before you assume that you or the other party is the one who caused the accident, you should understand how authorities determine who is at fault. Most of the time, insurance companies will decide who is at fault. They do this according to what state laws say. Insurance companies might review facts about the accident to decide if someone was negligent and the person with the most negligence will be considered at fault. Take note that negligence could mean something different depending on the state you are in.

What to do after an accident happensAuto accident

The first thing to do is never leave the scene. Many drivers who think they caused the accident will be tempted to run away especially if they know the potential charges they might face. Never do this because you might face a much more grave consequence such as arrest for criminal charges for a hit and run. It is best to stop and call for authorities to assess the situation.

While waiting for the authorities

You may be in panic while you wait for the authorities to assess the situation and point out who’s at fault for the car accident. It is best to try to keep calm at all possible costs as panicking can only lead to further disaster. Keep your words to a minimum and avoid talking about who you think is to blame. Do not try to open up about what you were doing before the accident happened and do not apologize or make any statement that can imply it was your fault. We understand that it can be quite hard to keep quiet, especially for some who use their words to mellow down their stress but be very careful with what you will say as they may be used against you later.

It is best if you can assess the situation yourself especially if you have other passengers with you. Check if they have any injuries and try to attend to them rather than talking about the accident.

It is also important that you gather evidence. Take a photo or record the scene if you are in a good condition to do so. Collect information about everyone involved including their names and contact numbers. Also, get the contact details of those who witnessed the accident. In some cases, there are accidents where you share the blame with the other drivers so it is important that you get this information.

Final steps

As mentioned above, your lawyer can still help you even if it was proven that you are at fault. Reach out to your attorney to understand your rights and advise you on what information you should provide to the authorities to prevent you from getting serious charges. Your lawyer will also tell you what your stand is, especially in claiming for insurance. Insurance companies also provide coverage to the driver at fault which will help you with the costs in repairs.

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident and it was your fault, we hope this article has helped to answer some of your questions. We recommend taking the time to review these points with a lawyer so that you can make informed decisions about how to proceed after being involved in what may have been a traumatic event.


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