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7 Things To Do If You’re in an Auto Accident

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Driving has become such a routine that safety measures are sometimes overlooked. Although there is no one way to stay safe on the roadways, many drivers opt for driving with their tail lights broken or not wearing their seatbelts at all times. This most often results in a devastating accident.

An auto accident is a scary and chaotic experience. It’s an unfortunate reality that car accidents happen, and even more unfortunate is when they’re the result of a driver’s error. Statistics show that every year there are around 3 million car accidents in America alone. That means one accident happens every 15 seconds.

This article is here to help you prepare for the worst. Although no one wants to be in that worst situation, especially a car accident, knowledge about practical tips will give you an idea about what to do after a car wreck.

What should you do in case you get into an accident?what-to-do-incase-of-auto-accidents

1. Stop

The very first thing to do is to stop your car engine. Keeping the engine turned on in a serious accident may result in combustion. Therefore, regardless of the severity of the accident, it is best to stop the car right away.

2. Stay calm

It may not be easy to remain calm during a car accident. Many factors can increase the level of stress and anxiety of a person involved in a car crash including, being in pain, the uncertainty of what will happen next, and whether or not you’ll be able to get out of your vehicle on your own. However, at any given time, staying calm is essential and even more necessary during a car accident. Take deep breaths. Breathing deeply can help reduce anxiety and relax your muscles that are tense.

3. Check if anyone is hurt

Assess the situation and check everyone inside the vehicle, including yourself. Check for any injury, lightheadedness, or open wound. Check for visible injuries like bleeding or bruising. Attempt to wake up any passengers who may have passed out from shock. Look for signs of breathing difficulties such as wheezing or coughing, which means they might need urgent medical attention.

4. Call for help

If someone looks injured or unresponsive, call help right away. Call 911 if possible and let them know where you are, or make sure others do so.

5. Stay inside the vehicle.

If you assess that the injury sustained is something serious, do not attempt to move. If there is no way out, don’t try and fight your way through or break windows- unless it is on fire. It is best to stay still until help arrives. This will prevent the injury from getting worse, especially if the injury sustained is around the vital organs. 

6. Take pictures

If it is possible for you to go outside the vehicle, take some photos to document the accident. Video recording can also be helpful. This way, you can protect yourself from lawsuits. This will also help the investigators assess and fix the situation. Furthermore, you can use this as a reference when filing for insurance claims.

7. Exchange information

Usually, it is the responders’ duty to take the details of the parties involved in an accident. However, in case this is not done, take the initiative to get the details for your own reference. Obtain the name and address of the other party involved if possible. You can use these details later for filing police reports.

8. Protect your rights

After an accident, it is important to talk to your attorney. Your attorney can make sure you have rights and the right things happen. Insurance companies want people to make a statement after an accident. It is important that you talk with your lawyer before giving a statement. Your lawyer can help you by advising you on how to make sure that you are getting paid for your car. They also can help with other issues, such as medical treatment.

We hope you never have to use these tips. But if the unfortunate event of an accident does happen, you can handle it with a little knowledge and preparation beforehand. If you were recently involved in an auto accident and need help with the treatment plan, contact us now at N8 Family Chiropractic.


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