Upon entering the spacious reception area of N8 Family Chiropractic, you will be greeted by our friendly staff, who at this time will assist you in completing the initial paperwork and answer any questions you may have.  The New Patient Coordinator will provide you with a guided tour of of facility and will listen with an attentive ear while conducting the initial consulation.  Once the consultation is completed, a throrough chiropractic exam, which includes a scan using the Insight Millenium Subluxation Station, will be performed.  This technology aids the chiropractor in the detection of vertebral subluxation.

At this time, you will meet one of our doctors to review the consultation, and discuss the need for chiropractic care.  If it is decided that x-rays are necessary, rest assured tha we use a high-frequency x-ray unit to minimize the amount of radiation administered to the patient.  The doctor then thoroughly analyzes your x-rays and reviews all exam reports to determine the overall condition of your spine and to detect any areas of vertebral subluxation.

My First Report

During your second visit, you will meet with the doctor to review your Report of Findings and to ask any additional health-related questions.  Once you’ve met with the doctor to discuss the plan of care, you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment.  Our adjustments of the vertebral subluxation are performed with accuracy and only to the area of the spine that is required.  Our doctors ar trained to evaluate and adjust areas of subluxation in the spine and extremities.