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What are the 3 Causes of a Herniated Disc?

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October 26, 2021
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October 26, 2021

Herniated discs can happen for many reasons, but it generally comes down to one or all of these three things:

Wear and Tear of your spine

Wear and tear on our spines can lead to a herniated disc, which is often due to daily use over time but also occurs when there’s an injury or trauma that causes inflammation in one area near your spinal cord. The discs in our spines work hard to keep us upright and move freely. They can become worn out over time, but there is hope for those who are willing to put forth the effort needed for recovery through physical therapy or surgery.

An injury

An injury can also result in a herniated disc. You may have suffered the consequences of a car accident, or lifting heavy objects incorrectly and then twisting too much has put pressure on your spine which eventually led to this painful condition.

After injury, the strong outer annular fibers of a disc can tear and allow the gel-like material in the center of the spinal disc to ooze out.  This can irritate or place direct pressure on a nerve.

The Combination of Degeneration and Injury

It’s important to know the risks associated with your body, which may be why you’ve been noticing some changes. Discs can become weakened over time due to either wear and tear or an injury like sneezing that causes weakness in its structure making it more liable for the herniation – this means a sudden force could result in serious problems.

Where Do You Feel Pain with a Herniated Disc?

Herniated discs often affect the lower back or neck and can cause pain in one side of your body. Signs or symptoms depend on where it is situated within you with signs being displayed as pressure to a nerve which causes many different types from mild discomfort to all too severe chronic conditions.

When Herniated Disc Surgery Is Needed?

Herniated disc surgery is an option but for many people, symptoms will resolve with conservative care.

Many are able to manage their pain by making lifestyle changes like changing the way they move around and adjust activities that cause discomfort; taking medicines for short-term relief from severe chronic conditions such as joint trouble or muscle soreness. Exercising regularly helps get rid of your physical impairment faster than other treatments can. If one thing doesn’t work try another option before considering surgery because it is expensive & may not be necessary if other treatments had good results. 


A herniated disc is the result of an injury or trauma to your spine. It can also happen as a result of degenerative changes in your spine with aging. 

Luckily there are treatments, like chiropractic care for herniated discs, available that will help you manage this painful condition and allow you to live life fully again. Contact us to schedule an appointment!


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