Neck Pain and Chiropractic - Treatment For Neck Pain and Injury

Neck Pain and Chiropractic – Dr Hannah Jones – N8 Family Chiropractic

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Neck Pain and Chiropractic – Dr Hannah Jones – N8 Family Chiropractic

Hi everyone. I’m Doctor Hannah and I’m a chiropractor at N8 Family Chiropractic at our Circleville location.

I want to talk today briefly about neck pain. Did you know that three out of 10 people will have neck pain sometime this year? And then 50% of those people, will have neck pain that keeps on coming back. The most typical cause of neck pain include an injury such as whiplash, growing older, which can cause degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, or osteoarthritis. And lastly, your daily life can cause neck pain. This can be because of poor posture, stress, or just muscle imbalance.

As a chiropractor, I will ask a series of questions to find out more information of what is causing your neck pain. Then I will perform a physical and neurological exam and then take x-rays to find out what exactly is causing your neck pain. Once it’s determined that what is causing your neck pain and that it can be treated with chiropractic care, your treatment will begin.

A treatment usually includes a neck adjustment or also known as a cervical manipulation. A neck adjustment is the precise procedure applied to the joints of the neck, which can be done by both hand or with an instrument. A neck adjustment works to improve the mobility of the spine and to help restore the range of motion. It can also help increase move from movement of the adjoining muscles.

Patients generally find it easier to move their head after the adjustment and they notice a reduction in pain, soreness, and stiffness.

If you’re experiencing any neck pain, feel free to contact one of our offices to see how we can help you.