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Does Scoliosis Get Worse With Age?

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November 9, 2021
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November 12, 2021

Most individuals who have scoliosis are diagnosed earlier in life.  Often, scoliosis can quickly progress during a growth spurt in childhood.  But, can scoliosis get worse as a person ages?

How to Know If You Have Scoliosis?

Scoliosis, or an abnormal lateral deviation of the spine, can often be discovered without any special training.  For those who have mild cases of scoliosis, a trained professional may discover the problem, however for those who have moderate to severe cases, family members can often see the initial signs.

Signs and symptoms might help you to know if you have a scoliosis and these include:

  • Uneven shoulders and/or hips.
  • Uneven clothing wear.
  • Bump in the middle or upper back.
  • Numbness, weakness, or pain in the legs.
  • Trouble walking.
  • Trouble standing up straight.
  • Tired feeling.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Loss of height.

Standard Medical Care

Your medical history will be discussed along with physical findings during the examination. Your doctor will use a tool called the Scoliometer to estimate your spine’s curve. To see this more clearly, they may order X-rays from both behind and in front of you, these images can help them accurately measure how far over (or under) straight you are.

After the examination, the doctor may suggest a treatment plan for you. If it’s not considered risky or severe enough to warrant surgery then they won’t recommend any operations but in more serious cases that might be an option too.

The typical medical treatment for scoliosis is restricted to observation, bracing and corrective surgery. The doctors will likely observe children with the condition periodically in order to ensure that it isn’t worsening or causing other problems like health issues.

If a child’s curve for instance ranges between 25 and 40 degrees, the doctor may recommend a brace  to wear to prevent continuing curvature as they grow. If the child’s curve is more than 40 degrees or progresses to that degree, they might advise corrective surgery.

If an adult’s condition progresses to the point where they need surgery, doctors will recommend treatment in order for it to be effective. These might include observation and bracing before physical therapy or pain relievers on top of medication as necessary during that time period  However , should scoliosis develop at any age stages following puberty we would likely prescribe corrective measures including serial X-rays alongside normal results when available from earlier examinations.

More Conservative Approaches to Scoliosis

Scoliosis can become painful as it places the joints and muscles in abnormal positions.  Chiropractors care for many patients with scoliosis and offer a more conservative approach.  

By evaluating, measuring, treating and managing scoliosis patients, chiropractors offer a fantastic alternative to traditional medical care of scoliosis.  Through spinal adjustments, specific exercises, and other treatment options, many have been able to successfully manage those with scoliosis.

If you are concerned about the worsening of your scoliosis as time goes on, please consult one of our doctors today. We offer free consultations to help determine if we are able to help treat your case. Our main goal is to provide care for all patients in need and make sure they receive the best treatment possible. We’re committed to providing a welcoming and caring experience for every patient who walks through our doors.


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