Creating Wellness
The Creating Wellness System is a powerful three-tiered approach to total health and wellness.  Using a state-of-the-art exam, the Creating Wellness System analyzes the three degress of wellness:  physical, chemical and psychological.  Next, the system is implemented to produce wellness in all three dimensions of life, through nutrition, meal planning, exercise, advice and motivation.  This process is coordinated through your personal wellness coach.

Spinal decompression is a non-surgical approach to many common disorders; including:  herniated discs, protruding discs, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrom, and sciatica.  Decompression therapy is fast, effective, drug-free, and safe.  This is an FDA cleared technology.

Light Therapy
Often used in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments, light therapy, which uses infra-red light diodes, speeds up the healing process.  Like other sources of energy, light can be used to regenerate cells.  The end result is that absorbed energy is used to repair the tissue, reduce pain and/or restore an otherwise impaired area to it’s normal state.

Kinesio Tape
Kinesio tape is a therapeutic procedure invented by a Japanese chiropractor to help patients hold their adjustments better.  Kinesio tape is used extensively by the Japanese Olympic athletes, and in the late 90’s, caught the attention of several American athletes and doctors.  Kinesio tape helps to reduce pain, swelling, and muscle spasms.




Chiroflow Premium Waterbase Pillow     $56

Chiroflow has been clinically shown to reduce neck pain and improve quality of sleep.   

Exclusive Waterbase Design

  • A deep cushion of hypoallergenic premium DACRON fiber rests over the water layer for luxurious comfort.
  • Thermal insulator surrounds the water layer.
  • An easy to fill waterbase provides gentle, responsive support all night long.

*Jumbo size 20in X 28in fits standard queen size pillow case*

Thera-Band Exercise Ball     $35.00

Thera-Band exercise balls are inflatable balls used to strengthen muscles to improve posture and help prevent back pain.  Each ball comes with two plugs and an inflation adapter, along with the Thera-Band Exercise Ball guide poster detailing 24 exercises.


Thera-Band Exercsie Bands     $7.00/Medium Resistance     $10.00/Heavy Resistance

Thera-Band resistive exerciser is available in two resistive levels.  Proper use of these systems for resistive exercise provides both positive and negative force on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion, and cooperation of muscle groups.

Posture Right by Neck Orthotic     $44.00

Set the CURVE.  STOP forward head posture.  It’s the product that is revolutionizing cervical extention traction and receiving rave reviews across the globe.  The Posture Right by Neck Orthotic, Inc. is the curve that works, helping correct the loss of cervical curve and forward head posture.

Thoracic Roller     $24.00

The thoracic roller is a great tool for stretching and promoting flexibility.  It alleviates muscle and soft tissue tightness of the upper and lower back, IT Band, hamstring, adductors and much more.  The high density foam roller stretches muscles and tendons, breaks down soft tissue adhesion, and soothes tight fascia while increasing blood flow and circulation.

Comfort Gel Pack     $6.00

The comfort gel pack can be used for hot or cold therapy.  It is strong, durable and reusable.  Comfort gel packs remain flexible when frozen!

Standard Process Dietary Supplements*
Standard Process® and MediHerb Botanicals have not only demonstrated unwavering commitment to product quality, they have redefined it.  MediHerb uses the best extraction methods to assure the practitioner the safest, most effective and potent herbs available today.  The doctors at N8 Family Chiropractic may recommend dietary supplements to aid in the healing process, as well as your overall well-being.

*Prices vary, please ask for details.