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Causes of Low Back Pain in Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, the ligaments in your body can become soft and stretch to prepare for the baby. Low back pain can be a common complaint in pregnancy. It usually occurs in the third trimester, but low back pain may occur at any point in early pregnancy. There are many causes for low back pain in pregnancy and they vary from person to person. 

Low Back Pain Early Pregnancy Signs Are:

  • posture changes
  • hormonal changes
  • weight gain or loss
  • postural shifts due to an increase or decrease in abdominal size and
  • increased pressure on your pelvic joints. 

Low back pain is not normal and should always be evaluated by your doctor if you experience any symptoms such as fever, numbness or tingling sensations radiating down one leg (sciatica).

Pregnancy Back Pain: What to Avoid and How to Ease It

There are many things you should do if you get back pain while pregnant. You should avoid certain things, and do other things that can help ease the pain.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • when you pick up something from the floor, bend your knees and keep your back straight
  • lying down on your back or your stomach, sitting in one position for too long,  and bending over
  • standing for long periods of time or during the day
  • don’t lift heavy objects
  • when you turn, place your feet in front of you to avoid twisting your spine
  • make sure you wear flat shoes to distribute your weight evenly
  • when you carry shopping, try to balance the weight between 2 bags
  • when you are sitting, make sure your back is straight. You can use a maternity pillow to help support it
  • it is important to get enough sleep, especially in the second half of pregnancy
  • have a massage or a warm bath. A massage will make you feel better and a warm bath will make you feel relaxed
  • use a mattress that will keep you from getting hurt and causing pain. You can use a hard piece of the board if your mattress is too soft
  • look for a group or individual back care class

Low Back Pain in Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Some women have low back pain while pregnant. They are not sure why this happens. Low back pain is often more common in the later stages of pregnancy. It may get better after childbirth, but some people still have it afterward. You can do things to help prevent or relieve your low back pain during pregnancy including staying active, taking care of yourself, doing exercises and stretches, drinking plenty of fluids, and eating well.

The causes of low back pain during pregnancy can be as simple as a muscle strain, functional changes of joints, or as complex as an underlying condition. If you have been experiencing any abnormal symptoms or discomfort for more than a couple of weeks without relief, consult your specialist to help determine the cause and treatment options. Low back pain is an extremely complicated issue with many potential causes that vary from person to person based on age, activity level, weight-bearing abilities, body mechanics, etc., so it’s important that you seek out medical advice if you are unsure what may be causing your condition. We want to wish all moms safe pregnancies.

We hope you found this article informative!  If you are experiencing lower back pain or pelvic pain, it may be time to call for an evaluation.  Call one of our doctors at N8 Family Chiropractic. We have chiropractic clinics in Newark, Lancaster, Circleville, and Canal Winchester.


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